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    Los Papales Estate is a Model Farm for Sustainability

    By Jon Ferguson | July 12, 2017

    Situated high in the mountains of northern Nicaragua is a small town with a reputation for producing some of the best quality coffee in the country. More than half of Nicaragua’s coffee comes from the Jinotega region, also known as the “capital of coffee.” The variety of high-altitudes, forests, valleys, soils, and climate are all factors that contribute to the quality of coffee in the area. Arbor Day coffee buyer Jon Ferguson visited one of the area’s largest coffee producers…

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  • Arbor Day Coffee

    What Makes Good Coffee?

    Arbor Day coffee is organically grown under the canopy of the rain forest in Latin America. Every delicious cup you drink preserves 2 square feet of rain forest, provides growers with a fair wage,…

    By Jon Ferguson | January 12, 2017
  • Arbor Day Coffee

    How Trees Help Your Coffee

    Jon Ferguson our Coffee Quality Specialist, spoke with Tg-Lab —a Guatemalan owned and operated coffee laboratory dedicated to the creation of specialty coffee — about Agroforestry on a recent trip to Guatemala. Jon explains…

    By Jon Ferguson | December 5, 2016
  • Arbor Day Coffee Rain Forest Rescue

    What is Coffee Cupping?

    Happy International Coffee Day! Can your cup of coffee change the world? If you’re drinking Arbor Day Foundation Coffee, absolutely. This award-winning coffee is organically grown under the canopy of the rain forest in…

    By Coe Roberts | October 1, 2016
  • Arbor Day Coffee

    Inside Journal of Ryan Hatt: Journey Through Peru

    Last month Ryan Hatt—Business Development Manager—traveled to Peru to visit coffee farmers who harvest Arbor Day Shade-Grown Coffee. Visiting the coffee farms builds our relationships with the farmers and gives us insight to the…

    By Ryan Hatt | October 19, 2015