Favorite Tree Friday

    Favorite Tree Friday: The American Dogwood

    By Rebecca Subbiah | August 26, 2016
    white dogwood

    Each month an Arbor Day Foundation staff member shares their favorite tree. We have taken our Favorite Tree Friday series and invited guest bloggers to share their favorite tree with us. This month Rebecca Subbiah of Chowandchatter.com  tells us why she loves American dogwood trees.

    My favorite tree is the dogwood. I have always loved its springtime blossoms and am fascinated with its name. I have a wild dogwood in the woods behind my house in Winston Salem, North Carolina and often admire its white blossoms. I’m also fond of the pink dogwoods at my son’s pre-school.

    I find myself stopping to park and take pictures and make vines of these beautiful trees. I adore sharing nature with the world.

    rebecca dogwood earringsWe recently started a small vegetable farm in Yadkin County, so I ordered a couple of dogwood trees from the Arbor Day foundation to plant in the front of the house.

    On a recent trip to England we visited some pretty gardens. My sister-in-law bought me some flower earrings to remind me of England and the gardens we visited. I smiled when I opened them. I immediately recognized the blossom, stating it’s the American dogwood.

    As I flipped the earrings over I saw that they came from Raleigh, North Carolina, an hour and a half away from where I live. After living in America for 13 years, she really did give me a flower from home.

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