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How well do you Know Trees? Take the Right Tree Right Place Quiz.

By Arbor Day Foundation | October 20, 2017

We spend a lot of time talking about the importance of planting the Right Tree in the Right Place. And it’s because healthy tree care starts at planting. If you want to avoid the cost of having a tree removed because it is a safety hazard, then be sure to plant in an appropriate space for the species of trees.

Read The Right Tree for the Right Place

The character of tree crowns and the form or shape of trees varies among species as much as leaf shapes or bark patterns. Shape is another clue to how well a tree will fit the space you have available, what problems might occur, and how well it will meet the goals you have for your property.

Take this Right Tree in the Right Place quiz to see how well you know where to plant.

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    Love this quiz! Pretty cool!

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