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Tree Campus USA Event Helps Replant Tree Canopy Lost to Asian Longhorn Beetle

By Stacie Sikora | October 18, 2013

tree-campus-usaThe Tree Campus USA program will be sponsoring a tree-planting event, Tuesday, Oct. 22, in Worcester, Massachusetts, where Worcester State University, Becker College and College of the Holy Cross will be receiving Tree Campus USA recognition. Volunteers from the colleges and surrounding community will also be planting 41 trees to help the Worcester Tree Initiative in their goal to plant 30,000 trees by 2014.

“We are excited about this Tree Campus USA project because it brings all the universities together to work on the reforestation of Worcester. (The reforestation) is a big project and having the universities involved in a big part of that. They already do a lot around taking care of trees and it is important the community knows that.” – Peggy Middaugh, Director, Worcester Tree Initiative

This city-wide event will celebrate Worcester’s replanting efforts following an Asian Longhorn Beetle infestation that wiped out nearly all the city’s trees 10 years ago. There will also be an information fair before the event to educate the community on the benefits of trees, local tree-planting and sustainability initiatives.

The event is sponsored by the Arbor Day Foundation, the Worcester Tree Initiative, GreenerU and the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation.

“I think a lot of campuses are already doing a lot for tree planting and tree care and Tree Campus USA further incentivizes and formalizes that commitment to trees.” – Lea Lupkin, Sustainability Program Manager, GreenerU

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