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    Sourwood: A Treat from the Bees

    By James R. Fazio | August 1, 2017

    Photo Credit: Flickr, Ryan Somma A native tree of North America, the sourwood is one of the few endemic trees that is not found on other continents unless planted, and has no related species. The name sourwood is derived from the bitter taste of its leaves. Native Americans and early colonists depended on the sourwood as an important source of medicine to aid with indigestion, asthma, diarrhea, and mouth ulcers. Farmers found its hard, durable wood excellent for tool handles…

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  • Tree of the Week

    Sourwood: A Sweet Surprise

    (Oxydendrum arboretum) What if there were a tree with scented flowers and tart leaves that shaded you from the sun’s heat in the summer and amused you with vibrant foliage in the fall, would…

    By Sheereen Othman | August 19, 2015