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    Landscape Design

    Small Trees Can Provide Shade Too

    By Lance Walheim | September 8, 2017

    When we think about shade trees, we often imagine towering giants that reach more than 40 or 50 feet high. To properly shade a two-story house, you probably need a tree that stands at least 30 feet high. Shade is important for energy-conservation and to reduce air conditioning bills. But what if you have a single-story home with limited space? Medium to large trees just aren’t practical for your space. For those with this dilemma, the fix is to use…

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  • Landscape Design

    Top 10 Shade Trees

    Spring shipping starts today! Looking for a great shade tree that will add beauty and benefits? Check out the top 10 shade trees sold through the Arbor Day nursery. Quaking Aspen (Populus tremuloides) The…

    By Sheereen Othman | March 6, 2017
  • Tree of the Week

    Texas Ebony: The Deciduous Evergreen

    (Pithecellobium flexicaule) Although summer may be dwindling down, the heat of the sun and limited rainfall is not backing off. This year’s current conditions could be a hint to what next summer will be…

    By Sheereen Othman | July 30, 2015