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    Brighten your Landscape with a Rain Garden

    By Kaitlin Johnson | April 13, 2017

    Have you considered adding a rain garden to your landscape? Spring is a wonderful time to redesign your yard. The soil is softer to dig and the rainy weather contributes to initial watering. Rain gardens are a beautiful way to enhance your landscape both visually and sustainably. A rain garden is a garden in a shallow depression made to naturally gather and filter rainwater —designed to temporarily collect stormwater runoff from roofs, driveways, walkways, patios, and lawns. Once the water…

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    Tree and Shrub Rain Garden Design

    Tree and Shrub Rain Garden Design Turn a moist or poorly drained area of your yard into a beautiful garden that provides year round color and habitat for songbirds. The trees and shrubs in…

    By Kirsten Coffen ASLA RLA | January 27, 2011