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    Tree of the Week

    Loblolly Pine: The Eisenhower Tree

    By Sheereen Othman | February 14, 2017

    Pinus taeda One of former president Dwight Eisenhower’s favorite hobbies was golf. He loved it so much that he continued to play in the winter and painted his golf balls black just so he could see them against the snow. He was a regular at the Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia. Few things could distract him from the game, but a giant Loblolly Pine on the golf course could. A Loblolly Pine sat on the golf course at Augusta National…

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  • Ask An Arborist

    Ask an Arborist: Why Should I Plant Evergreens?

    Certified arborist Pete Smith explains the benefits of planting evergreens on your home landscape. Evergreen trees provide numerous benefits when planted around your home. They can be used as a living snow fence, provide…

    By Emily Allgood | January 27, 2017