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    Tree of the Week

    Eastern Redcedar: Far-Flung Pioneer

    By James R. Fazio | December 12, 2017

    Juniperus virginiana Eastern redcedar is the most wide-spread conifer in eastern North America. It is also the most drought-resistant and one of our most controversial trees. to Robert Lemmon, author of The Best Loved Trees of America, eastern redcedar is “a friendly sort of tree, a lover of pasture hills and farm hedgerows, happy in the broad, free spaces of the open country…” Naturalist Donald Peattie called it “a favorite in old country graveyards, where, to the imagination of our…

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  • Tree of the Week

    The Eastern Redcedar

    Juniperus virginiana The eastern redcedar is an ancient tree, dating back to Native America where fossil evidence indicates it covered large portions of the continent. It is the most common conifer in the eastern…

    By Sheereen Othman | December 13, 2016