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    Tree Care Tree of the Week

    Early Harvest Apple: Turning a New Leaf

    By Sheereen Othman | September 2, 2015

    (Malus X Domestica) The turn of a new season brings new fall favorites with it like crackling candles and sweet ciders, and let’s not forget tart, juicy apples like the early harvest apple. As the name suggests this high-yielding apple tree is among the first to be ready for harvest. These apples are ready to be picked as early as July in some locations, with the latest harvest in September. What’s more exciting is the number of recipes you can…

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  • Landscape Design

    Don’t Look Down on Dwarfs

    “What’s up with dwarf trees? Who would want a tree that’s essentially a runt? I’d somehow feel gypped if I bought a tree that stayed short instead of growing up tall like all the…

    By David Beaulieu | June 17, 2010