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    Arbor Day Coffee

    What Makes Good Coffee?

    By Jon Ferguson | January 12, 2017

    Arbor Day coffee is organically grown under the canopy of the rain forest in Latin America. Every delicious cup you drink preserves 2 square feet of rain forest, provides growers with a fair wage, improves local infrastructure and increases access to healthcare and education. The simple act of drinking responsibly grown coffee can make a big difference. Measuring the Quality of Coffee As the Foundation’s coffee quality specialist, I’m responsible for ensuring all coffee sold by the Foundation meets quality…

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  • Arbor Day Coffee

    How Trees Help Your Coffee

    Jon Ferguson our Coffee Quality Specialist, spoke with Tg-Lab —a Guatemalan owned and operated coffee laboratory dedicated to the creation of specialty coffee — about Agroforestry on a recent trip to Guatemala. Jon explains…

    By Jon Ferguson | December 5, 2016