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    Ask an Arborist: Why Do I Need to Prune?

    By Arbor Day Foundation | March 10, 2017

    This is part one of a  three-part dormant season pruning series. Watch part two, what are the rules of pruning to learn the 5 rules for form and function and part three, The ABC’s of Pruning. Tree pruning, trimming, or cutting is an ongoing process throughout the life of your tree. After selecting the right tree and carefully planting it, early pruning is the most important thing you can do for a young tree. Pruning during dormancy is the most common practice.…

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    Ask an Arborist: Why Should I Plant Evergreens?

    Certified arborist Pete Smith explains the benefits of planting evergreens on your home landscape. Evergreen trees provide numerous benefits when planted around your home. They can be used as a living snow fence, provide…

    By Emily Allgood | January 27, 2017