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Acer rubrum

    Tree of the Week

    Red Maple: Sunset in the Forest

    By James R. Fazio | October 10, 2017

    Acer rubrum Red. The color of passion — and the extremes that go with it. It is love on the one hand and danger, warning, or even hate on the other. In the psychology of colors, red has a lot of meanings, but mediocrity is never one of them. Red is not a color to be ignored. How appropriate for a species like red maple. Here is a tree of great beauty and extremes. It is a tree loved by…

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  • Tree of the Week

    Red Maple: The Versatile Vermillion

    Acer rubrum Looking to add a little color to your landscape? The fiery hue of the Red Maple is a beautiful variety that can successfully grow in numerous climates. While the Red Maple’s origin…

    By Bonnie Ricketts | September 13, 2016