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Trees are More Than Their Beauty

By Konstantin Dimopoulos | February 16, 2017

Last fall we shared The Blue Trees — an inspiring art installation by artist Konstantin Dimopoulos to raise awareness about global deforestation.  The Blue Trees started in Australia and made its way to the U.S., but not without capturing public attention. The installation has done exactly with artist Dimopoulos aimed to do: get people talking about trees.

Deforestation has increased around the world. Nearly 30% of the earth is covered in forestland, but more than one and a half acres of forest is cut down every second. At this rate, there will be no more rain forests left in the world within 100 years. Forests are home to endangered wildlife. Trees purify our air and provide clean drinking water to more than 180 million Americans.

Have You Visited a Forest Lately?

Watch this video to see how people interact with Dimopoulos’ art installment.

Visit Replanting our Forests to learn how you can help plant trees in our nation’s forests.

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