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Why Trees are Good for Business

By Amy Bodfield | September 26, 2016

There is no other time like fall that quite incites the desire to plant, nurture, and celebrate trees. The splash of color that dances across the landscape as leaves begin to turn finds us relishing in the splendor of trees. The crisp fresh air and smell of pine has us bursting outdoors on hikes and bike trails before the settling of winter’s slumber. These are welcomed and anticipated reminders of the delight we find in trees. 

Fall is also the time of year to plan for what’s to come in the spring. Because there is no time like spring that we yearn for the outdoors and to once again get our hands dirty as backyard gardeners or community volunteers. Planting trees makes us feel good! Planting trees makes our forests and communities thrive! Planting trees is what many companies are now finding as a genuine and ideal solution for their employee engagement programs. Much like dirt to a shovel, there is an ever growing trend of employees seeking employers rooted in a commitment to a better world.

Whether through reforestation efforts or volunteering in your community, tree planting is a resounding statement. And there are many ways companies can develop programs that not only engage employees but establish a foundation of pride, commitment, and trust between employee and employer. We are sharing with you just a few programs in which some of our partners are finding success.

Strong in the belief of supporting their communities, Texas Roadhouse is keenly aware their employees play a significant role in the equation of investing in community and building that pride. To demonstrate their appreciation of all of their employees, Texas Roadhouse recently made a genuine statement by making a donation on behalf of employees to support the planting of 50,000 trees in California’s Tahoe and Lassen National Forests. Reforestation efforts in these forests are ensuring improved watersheds and clean water for California residents, further showing their commitment to community.

Unique to the UPS Foundation is their Global Forestry Initiative. For a 5th year, UPS Foundation is distributing trees to employees across the country and working with international organizations to plant community trees as a thank you and appreciation for the commitment of their employees to the company. Together,  and UPS Foundation have supported the planting of more than 5 million trees around the world with a goal of planting a total 15 million trees by the end of 2020.


Hy-Vee staff and volunteers plant a tree at the launch of the Hy-Vee tree planting initiative.

Hy-Vee has committed to planting 100,000 trees each year for the next several years. Because Hy-Vee takes great pride in their employees and their investment in community it was fitting to launch their tree planting initiative by hosting a tree planting event involving employees and local organizations at East High School in Des Moines. Together with Hy-Vee employee volunteers, the Arbor Day Foundation and local Iowa non-profit Trees Forever, East High football players, and students from a local elementary school, 40 large trees were donated and planted to the school grounds adding shade and beauty. It’s this investment in employees and community that deepens the loyalty and pride employees find in their company.

What kind of impact and investment is your company making in you as an employee or within your community? We encourage you to share your story and what makes you proud of your employer.

Not sure where to start or want to share this idea with your company? There is no better time than now to consider similar opportunities for the upcoming spring. For information on where to get started contact our Corporate Partners team today at  

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