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By Kim Peacock | July 21, 2016

The Arbor Day Foundation is proud to work with a broad spectrum of businesses. We work with large multi-national corporations that have mature sustainability initiatives, small privately owned businesses that donate a percentage of their sales to help plant trees, and just about every type of business in between. Rarely, however, do we receive a significant long-term commitment from a start-up company.

Just under a year ago, we were approached by David Wolfe, co-founder and CEO of the online mattress company Leesa Sleep LLC, who was looking for a nonprofit partner to help them expand their environmental focus. We knew the partnership was a good fit when David and his team, including his daughter Sophie Wolfe, were just as passionate about giving back as they were about earning profits.

“At Leesa, we don’t do things simply because they’re trendy or will drive more mattress sales,” said Leesa co-founder and chief executive officer, David Wolfe. “We do things because we care. We’re fortunate to be able to support the causes we’re passionate about. We love the idea of planting trees, because – just like sleep – trees renew life every day.”


Leesa has committed to one million trees with us over the next ten years as part of the environmental arm of their leading social impact program. What makes this donation remarkable is that Leesa was a start-up when David Wolfe and his co-founder, Jamie Diamonstein, made the commitment. Since then, Leesa’s growth has been extraordinary, and the Arbor Day Foundation is delighted to share in their success. Leesa’s mission combines three initiatives:

  • One-Ten: One mattress is donated to a homeless shelter for every ten sold
  • One-Community: Time and resources are given to nonprofits in their community
  • One-Earth: One tree is planted for every mattress sold

Kudos to Leesa for proving that new companies — large and small — can come out of the gates with a strong commitment to people and planet. We are thrilled they chose the Arbor Day Foundation as their tree planting partner. Here’s to the next ten years and one million trees together!

Tell us about your favorite start-up with a heart!


Visit our Corporate Partnerships page to find out how the Arbor Day Foundation can help your company (large or small, old or new) meet its goals through planting trees.

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