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Your Relationship Helps us Plant with Purpose

By Amy Bodfield | December 14, 2017

Thank You For Your Support

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead

We value our relationships. Relationships with our members, our program partners, and our corporate partners and supporters. We acknowledge that relationships are essential to helping us further our mission. And since our early beginnings in 1972, we have planted, nurtured, and celebrated trees through such relationships. It is the relationships of our members, partners, and supporters that helped us reach a new milestone, a milestone of planting 60 million trees in our nation’s forests.

Thank you for your continuous support.

For nearly 30 years, the Corporate Partnerships team has established relationships with hundreds of companies from around the world in various industries. We have collaborated with talented people and teams to work toward the common goal of replenishing forests and investing in communities through tree planting.

As a matter of fact, some of our programs that exist today are a direct result of working with our partners in a creative way to meet their own goals. For example, one of our longest-running programs, Replanting our Forests, evolved because of a partnership with a company that wanted to plant trees on behalf of their customers.

But the relationships we’re building are more than just planting trees in the ground. They are sustaining critical wildlife habitat, protecting watersheds that provide clean drinking water to millions of Americans, and bringing hope and healing back to communities devastated by natural disaster.

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All of this good work comes from offering a meaningful way for our partners to recognize and celebrate their employees, honor their customers, or simply give back for the good of the world. It’s the heartfelt efforts that drives us to do what we do and help shape our work.

Thank you for inspiring us.

How are we Planting with Purpose?

Our relationships with our partners challenges us to think big and be intentional in how we give back to the environment. And some of these relationships come from unsuspected partners.

Phillip Jeffries is a company that specializes in natural, textured and specialty wallcoverings. The company plants one tree in the U.S. and one tree internationally for every order placed. It is a genuine and multifaceted act that gives Phillip Jeffries a turnkey way to thank their customers for their loyalty while recognizing the importance of giving back to the environment.

We’ve recently started working with the company iCIMS, a staffing solution company that finds the most qualified candidates for companies and businesses. iCIMS wanted to offset carbon through tree planting, and our Carbon Offsets program does just that. For every new hire, iCIMS donates $25 to the Carbon program. They’re supporting tree planting efforts in the Mississippi River Valley — one of the most critical wetland resources in North America — by purchasing verified carbon offsets.

One of our longest partnerships is with Physicians Mutual. They honor the lives of policyholders by planting a tree in their memory at the time of their passing. It is perhaps the most touching, comforting, and genuine gesture to plant a tree. Leaving a lasting legacy for their loved ones to cherish. In recent years, Physicians Mutual began celebrating the lives of their policyholders as well by planting a tree on behalf of a policyholder’s birthday. They have helped plant nearly 450,000 trees across the nation.

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Thank you to all of our corporate partners for supporting our tree planting efforts. Your support is making a difference and changing lives.

Learn more about our partners and supporters  or how your organization can make a difference with trees.

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