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By Monique Carswell | November 23, 2016

This year marks the eighth year NBCUniversal is partnering with the Arbor Day Foundation to plant trees through the Green Is Universal initiative. For the past three years, we’ve called on you to help us #ShareATree. The annual campaign pledges to plant one real tree in a forest of need for every animated tree themed story participants create and share. It’s with great delight that we usher in yet another holiday season of partnership with a beautifully animated tale that both families and individuals can customize to share with friends and loved ones.

In the past three years alone, we’ve planted 75,000 trees in National Forests. This year NBCU’s Green Is Universal will plant 25,000 trees in Malheur National Forest in eastern Oregon’s Blue Mountains. Malheur has a reputation for its diverse scenery including high desert grasslands, meadows, pine trees and alpine lakes. Malheur is also home to Monument Rock and Strawberry Mountain Wilderness Areas. But these areas are devastated by forest fires. The Egley Wildfire of 2007 burned more than 66,000 acres of forestland, destroying nearly all vegetation.

Forests like Malheur National Forest are important to our health and well-being. In 40 years, the 25,000 trees we plant will remove more than 11,000 tons of carbon and 405 tons of pollutants from the air. Additionally, the trees will restore habitat and give cover and food to wildlife.

Help us reforest Malheur National Forest and use #ShareATree online now through December 16th.


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