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3 Things You Should Know About Climate Change

By Jared Carlson | May 30, 2016

There are numerous misconceptions surrounding climate change that often leave people misinformed and as a result, contribute to the deterioration of our planet. Climate change is a vast topic and there are a number of factors that impact it. Here are three things that will help you better understand climate change and its importance to the environment

3.  Climate has always changed…so what’s the big deal?  Yes, climate has always changed, the problem is that we are speeding up the process of that natural change.  Any time there is an abrupt change in the CO2 (carbon dioxide), there are significant disruptions as plant and animal life don’t have the necessary time to adapt.  Our earth has a lot of checks and balances such as our oceans and forests that regulate the amount of CO2 we have in the atmosphere.  The problem is that we are releasing harmful gasses faster than our earth can handle.

2.  Isn’t manufacturing and transportation causing all the problems?  Manufacturing, transportation and energy production play significant roles in accelerating climate change, but one surprising fact is that since the year 1750 roughly one-third of all harmful gasses released into the atmosphere come primarily from deforestation.  A lot of us do not understand the significant impact that has been created as a result of deforestation.  As our cities expanded and we needed more land for agricultural use, many forests were either cut down or burned….and this practice still continues today.  If one-third of these emissions have been created by deforestation, it only makes sense that reforestation should be one of the solutions we implement.

1.  How can I help fight climate change?  There are many ways we all can do our part to combat climate change, but it should always start with a focus on what we can do to reduce our carbon footprint both at home and at work.  One simple idea is to strategically plant trees for summer shade and winter windbreaks.  This will not only reduce your need for energy, but save you money on your energy bill.  Once you have reduced your carbon footprint as far as you can, you can go further by supporting forestry projects that are planting and preserving trees.

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