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Celebrate Arbor Day

    Celebrate Arbor Day

    Happy Arbor Day

    By Arbor Day Foundation | April 28, 2017

    It’s here, it’s here, Arbor Day is here. Since 1872, the tree planter’s holiday has been celebrated on the last Friday of April. People across the country are planting trees and greening communities. More than 194 organizations and cities have planned Arbor Day celebrations across America. Check out for celebrations in your area. This year we set a goal to plant 70,000 trees together during the month of April. Our friends at Unilever and Ahold wanted to help us reach this…

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  • Celebrate Arbor Day

    Arbor Day

    The following is a guest post by poet Frank Montoya. Arbor Day – a day devoted to our friend, the Tree. And the good it does for you and for me. What a drab…

    By Frank Montoya | April 28, 2016
  • Celebrate Arbor Day

    Dan Lambe’s Top Tree Jokes

    1.) What is a tree’s least favorite month? Sept-TIMBER!   (You have to yell Timber) 2.) What kind of tree can you fit in your hand? A Palm tree 3.) Why was the cat afraid…

    By Dan Lambe | April 27, 2016
  • Celebrate Arbor Day

    How Thankful Are You For Your Trees?

    It’s April – the month of National Arbor Day. What a great month! Flowers are blooming, trees are leafing out and everyone is getting outdoors more as the weather warms and sun shines bright.…

    By Dan Lambe | April 11, 2016
  • Celebrate Arbor Day

    8 Ways to Celebrate Arbor Day at Work

    The month of April always turns our attention to the gifts of nature. This year we celebrate Earth Day on Friday, April 22 and National Arbor Day exactly one week later on Friday, April…

    By Amy Ossian | February 15, 2016
  • Celebrate Arbor Day

    Mississippi Celebrates Arbor Day in February

    While the national Arbor Day observance is celebrated on the last Friday in April, many states have implemented state-recognized Arbor Days that reflect the best time for planting in their region. Celebrating Arbor Day…

    By Sheereen Othman | February 12, 2015